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This domain is for sale is for sale.

Create a blog, promote your business, or build a site for your personal use.

Price: $995.00 includes domain registration only.
Web site not included. Learn more.


  1. 1.) What Is is here to help people find people all around the world that go by the name of Sandy Lynch. We have found more than Hundreds people to date that use this name.

  2. 2.) The domain is for sale? How much does the domain cost?

    If you are interested in using this domain as a personal blog, resume website or for any other reason it would be for sale for $995.00.

  3. 3.) This is my name – why do I have to buy the domain?

    We make revenues from people that come here looking for someone by the name of Sandy Lynch. There is opportunity cost in this, and we’ve kept the price low if you are interested in buying this domain.

  4. 4.) If I buy the domain what would I get?

    If you buy the domain you will be acquiring the rights to exclusively use the domain for as long as you keep the domain active. You will have to pay yearly renewals on the domain for about $10 per year.